The top 5 reasons to choose P&H Fine Foods

Let’s get down to it; why should you choose P&H Fine Foods? Because let’s face it, there are so many options available, figuring out what works without hours of research and trial and error isn’t always easy. So, we thought we would give you our thoughts on the top five reasons we believe we can offer something unique and worthwhile to your business and save you the leg work of shopping around.

1. P&H can save your bottom line

For a chef and any restaurant, the most expensive part of a meal you might be surprised to learn is in fact labour. It isn’t the ingredients in most cases, it is the labour; the hours, the expertise, the chefs, sou chefs, and the apprentice’s required to produce the end result. How can we help with this you may ask? Well we reduce the man hours required to produce top quality, high end, artisan meals, therefore reducing your labour costs ensuring you come in within budget without compromising on quality.

To explain further; for example, if you were to serve a Duck Leg Confit as part of your menu, firstly you would likely have to source the duck, trim and cut to size, then marinate before eventually cooking. All this alone could easily be 1.5 – 2 days preparation depending on the meal you have planned. And that doesn’t take into account the time spent sourcing and acquiring the said ingredient to begin with. But when you choose our products, we have done the leg work for you. We take care of the hours of sourcing and preparation to provide you with products that are ready to go, individually portioned where applicable, ready to heat, and serve however you would like them to be, without compromising on quality, flavour or integrity. Ultimately reducing your labour costs and allowing you to save on your bottom line.

2. Consistency

Here at P&H we are all about consistency in all that we offer. Not just through the high-end ingredients we begin with, but also through the preparation and cooking processes. Each portion is exactly measured so that we deliver you consistency each and every time. We understand that a chef’s worst nightmare can be receiving products and individual portions that all vary in size, and have protocols in place to ensure that when you use P&H that you will receive top quality products where size, quality, flavour and integrity are never compromised on.

3. Innovation

In today’s food industry innovation is more important than ever not only to stay ahead of the game but to keep customers coming back for more. Here at P&H innovation is one of our core focuses. We think outside the box and are constantly researching and developing new product lines and ways to deliver you top quality products that will knock the socks off your clients. We use the latest technology combined with age old skilled techniques to create food solutions that take innovation to a new level.

4. Flavour

When it comes to food, flavour is right up there if not at the top of the list. Let’s be honest; we can provide you with consistent, innovative food solutions, but if the flavour is not there, then we’re not doing our job. We produce products that we ourselves would pay money for and want to eat. We think about what chefs want when using our products within their menus, ensuring that we keep the added flavours minimal allowing the hero ingredient/s to shine through and chefs to add their own signature flare as desired.

5. Family

When you buy from us you aren’t just another number or dollar sign, you are part of the P&H family. We value and respect our customers and client base. It is one of the reasons why we keep our offerings specialised and unique rather than mass produced as we believe the integrity lies in the way we prepare and produce our products. We get to know each and every customer personally and we enjoy chatting to them, meeting with them and working alongside them to grow their business and product offerings. From our set product lines right down to our bespoke offering we foster a sense of community and family.

So, there you have it, the top five reasons why we believe you should choose P&H Fine Foods. Why not try some of our products and see for yourself? The options are endless, and with our bespoke service as well, there is no reason why we are sure you won’t be able to find something you are looking for.


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