About us

Welcome to P&H fine foods, where quality, integrity, flavour, and customer service are paramount.
A leading supplier of handmade, artisan fine foods from pates, to terrines, confit, and bespoke products.

We have over 50 years experience preparing and supplying innovative, artisan and economical foods to the wholesale market from restaurants to hotels, airlines, clubs and cruise liners.

Using fresh Australian produce, traditional cooking techniques and the latest technology to create premium quality products, our commitment is to quality, consistency and service. Known for our expertise, attention to detail and ability to surpass quality standards we are continuously creating new products according to customer demands and the ever-changing food industry.

We believe in fusing traditional methods with innovative technologies to create a range of products that are a cut above the rest.

As a company we are constantly pushing the boundaries to improve food preparation and product longevity for the ease of our customers, while ensuring we focus on ways to reduce environmental impacts. Utilising techniques such as HPP- High Pressure Pasteurisation to ensure consistency, longevity and freshness we are committed to providing you with high- end food solutions.

We believe in the integrity, value and experience ingrained in artisan products that are made honouring traditional practices.

Product quality is integral to our business. Utilising quality raw and fresh ingredients, without the addition of additives, gums or emulsifiers to ensure we provide you with fresh, delicious food solutions. Each product is hand made by our dedicated team under the instruction of our master butcher ensuring we deliver consistency, integrity and quality.

Unique to you and your business.
We offer a bespoke service allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

Looking for a unique one off product to add to your menu?
Why not get in touch and chat to us today. We work closely with our clients to customize and develop products unique to their needs and clientele.

We are passionate about food and pride ourselves on quality products that deliver unique on trend food solutions. Consistency, reliability, innovation and value are key to our success

- Chris Gschwind - Director
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