Thinking Green

With today’s global climate, the impact of humanity and technology on our environment, health, sustainability; the long-term future of the planet is becoming of increasing concern. Have you watched the film the plastic ocean? It is scary to think how much plastic waste there is in the world and the daily actions that are contributing to this ever-increasing problem. It made us, as a business, think further about how we can continue to adapt and make further changes to our sustainability practices to further reduce waste and ensure we are striving towards being as sustainable as possible. I know for many of our customers and also for those not yet customers of ours, that how a business is contributing and adopting practices that are environmentally friendly and sustainable is often a key consideration when choosing to purchase products.

We thought, why not give a bit of an insight into what we are currently doing in the way of sustainability practices and our future goals moving forward. After all it isn’t just about food, even though we all know that is front of mind ninety nine percent of the day! As a business we are committed to continually improving our practices, environmental management systems and overall carbon footprint, with one of our key objectives being to significantly reduce product and packaging waste.

As part of our sustainability practices we have focused on improving and reducing waste through enhanced inventory management which allows us to accurately monitor food wastage and significantly reducing the amount of wastage produced during manufacturing and product development. We have also implemented various recycling methods and have installed LED lighting throughout our factories, whilst also investing in green energy to reduce energy consumption and overall environmental impact. Not only for the environment but also for the health and well-being of our staff, we have shifted toward more environmentally sustainable and safe cleaning materials and practices.

Although sometimes it may not seem like it, every little thing each and every one of us does to contribute to reducing waste and adopting sustainable practices counts. Perhaps there is something you personally or your business can do too, to help the environment because as a collective we can make a bigger impact. And I don’t know about you, but I certainly hope that future generations have something left to enjoy, so we must start now to ensure this is the case. Maybe it’s time to go get yourself that keep cup or reusable drink bottle.

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