An inside glimpse into our bespoke fine food experience

Are you looking for something different? Or perhaps have an idea for a new menu item but need someone to bring it to life? Here at P&H we aren’t just constantly developing new products to add to our existing lines, we also work one on one with our customers offering a bespoke service, creating and producing bespoke fine food menu items unique to your customers.

As passionate food enthusiasts and innovative food manufacturers, we understand the importance of menu planning and the excitement of wanting to create new dishes. We also understand the importance of packaging, format, logistics, details, time and development needed when creating a new product. We want success for you!

We work closely with your team throughout the entire process from initial conception right through to final product. We personally meet with your chef to discuss their ideas, concept and vision before our in-house production team gets to work using the freshest available ingredients, portioning, mixing, cooking …… and if a specific need to source from a region is required we do that too, making sure every element used is within your budget.

Once our production team has some samples, we then invite you and your chef personally to our premises for a product workshop. This is where the fun begins! Allowing us to work closely with your chef to fine tune every element to ensure the end result captivates your vision and needs and ultimately exceeds your expectations. Once the final product is signed off on, it is full steam ahead into production before delivering the end product straight to your door.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, consistency and unique ability to bring our client’s ideas to fruition. If you are wanting to jazz up your menu, bring something unique and fresh to your customers or have product ideas swirling around in your head, get in touch today and let’s get the ball rolling on creating something magical!

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