Planning a Christmas in July event?

Can you believe we are already half way through the year and in the throes of winter already! I honestly don’t know where time goes these days, the old saying time flies by definitely rings true. Perhaps the older you get the faster the years seem to scoot on by…unfortunately. In contrast to the good Aussie barbeque, salad, cold meat platter and who can forget the all important entrée of prawns for a true Australian Christmas, there is something special about enjoying a roast dinner and glass of wine by an open fire with family or friends in a true Christmas in July style.

Many restaurants and event centres have adopted this tradition throwing a special event for guests and clients to come together and share a good chinwag and laugh and just enjoy a taste of what a winter Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere would be like, minus the snow of course, unless you are lucky enough to be enjoying the ski slopes of Australia, and we do indeed have some beauties.

Did you know that our product range offers an array of options suitable for a festive occasion such as this, from the nothing beats a good old smoked turkey breast to something more decadent such as our turkey ‘rudolph’ or turkey ‘noel’ or my personal favourite the turkey ‘cranberry.’ Why not check out our festive options by clicking here and plan a Christmas in July event for your clientele. Our team would be more than happy to help you develop an entire menu from entrée, to main, share platters or buffet style, you name it we have you covered.

With time going by so quickly these days, it really is important to plan special events and create memories that last a life time. Plus, there is nothing like getting together and spending time with others over a delicious meal, after all food is the way to the heart.

What are you waiting for, why not enjoy these winter months and throw some festive cheer in mid-year, a Christmas in July event is sure to keep your customers talking right through to Christmas. And with our array of product offerings to help you create a tantalising menu there is no excuse.

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